Oct 18, 2007

Sleeping Beauty

{Just kinda wrote itself one day...}

Around and round

The world is spinning

Time is ticking, ticking.

Just another day

Another way to sin

You wear deception like a cloak.

Eyes ajar to mere shadow

A life so dim you fail to see

Lost, confused, no glimmer of hope

Wake! Awake, oh sleeper!

He is coming!

Didn't you know?

Haven't you heard?

He said He'd be back.

Wake! Awake, oh sleeper!

Arise from your slumber.

Jesus is here to reclaim His own.

Though they cry peace the war isn't over

It has only just begun to conquer

You sleep 'midst the shriek of battle

Drawing closer and closer

The foeman at your door

The sky is falling, falling.

The King is coming, coming.

Open your eyes

Death lurks all around

The beat of the song

Growing louder and louder

Quickly choose who you are for.

Are you prepared?

His foot is out the door

Awake! Awake!

Jesus is near!

He is Here! Awake!

I can hear the rhythm

It's the Lion of the tribe of Judah

Though His heart aches with desire

His eyes are a flame of fire

Drenched in blood are His clothes

For this time He's come to transpose.

You must heed to the beat of His song

As its melody rises with the dawn…

Sheilds are raised

Swords are drawn

Thunder cracks

Here He comes

Blood is spilt

There's no more time

You should've listened

You should have come

You chose to sleep

You became numb

You've played the harlot

You played the fool

God will not be mocked

The earth is His footstool

Though the battle's just begun

It is already won

I'm taken at the final chord

"Victory!" says my Lord,

"Victory is Mine!"

But you'll be here to see the dawn

When all will be judged without pardon

Every sin, every thought and crime

His wrath will fall on all

The end of time.

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